Practice Quiz for Bank Exams (English) - 23.01.2018

Bank Exam Practice Quiz

Read each part of the sentence to find out if there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, mark your answer as (5).

1. A moderate intensity earthquake (1)/ measuring 5.7 on the Richter Scale struck Tripura,(2)/ triggering landslides in the hill state(3)/ and jolting the country's Northeast.(4)/No Error(5)

2. ahead with his electoral reforms agenda,(1)/ the Prime Minister is expected to take up the issues of changes(2)/ in poll funding rules and holding of simultaneously elections to the Lok Sabha(3)/ and state assemblies at an all-party meeting before the Budget session.(4)/No Error(5)

3. The President said India and Myanmar(1)/ should work to strengthen cooperation in the areas(2)/ of shared interest to realise their(3)/ respective developmental goals.(4)/No Error(5)

4. The Party released videos purported showing(1)/ e-wallet company Paytm being promoted at a slum cluster by the leaders,(2)/ who however maintained that they were(3)/ "explaining the functioning" of government app BHIM.(4)/No Error(5)

5. India and Pakistan exchanged for the 26th (1)/ consecutive year the list of their nuclear installations under a(2)/ bilateral agreement that prohibits them from attacking(3)/ each other's atomic facilities.(4)/No Error(5)

6. In a bid to strengthen capital base of public sector banks,(1)/ the government has allowed 12 lenders to raise nearly Rs 3,000(2)/ crore via preferential shares over and above the Rs 22,915 crore(3)/ capital supportive committed to them.(4)/No Error(5)

7. The British public is fearful of the rise of fascism(1)/ between the world in the wake of the US President Elect’s election victory(2)/ in the US and the Brexit referendum in the UK,(3)/ according to a new survey released.(4)/No Error(5)

8. An Indian-origin Saudi-based entrepreneur(1)/ has been appointed Major General of Kyrgyzstan,(2)/ a rare military position occupied by an Indian(3)/ in the Central Asian country.(4)/No Error(5)

9. An assailant believed to have been dressed in(1)/ a Santa Claus costume opened fire at a crowded nightclub during(2)/ New Year's celebrations, killing at least 35 people and wounding 40 others(3)/ in what the province's governor described as a terror attack.(4)/No Error(5)

10. The government and opposition parties(1)/ in the DR Congo have clinched a hard-won deal(2)/ over President's fate, ending a political crisis(3)/ that sparked months of deadly unrest.(4)/No Error(5)

Answers : 1. Ans. (5) No Error 2. Ans. (3) Replace ‘simultaneously’ with ‘simultaneous’ 3. Ans. (5) No Error 4. Ans. (1) Replace ‘purported’ with ‘purportedly’ 5. Ans. (5) No Error 6. Ans. (4) Replace ‘supportive with ‘support’ 7. Ans. (2) Replace ‘between’ with ‘around’ 8. Ans. (5) No Error 9. Ans. (5) No Error 10. Ans. (5) No Error