Important Vocabulary Notes for Competitive Examinations (Set-5)

Important Vocabulary for Bank Examinations

1. Bounteous: Adjective (ज़ोरदार)
Meaning : generously given or giving; bountiful (large in quantity; abundant)
Synonyms : Ample, Plentiful, Bighearted
Antonyms : Scarce, inadequate

2. Opportune : Adjective (उपयुक्त)
Meaning : especially convenient or appropriate for a particular action or event, well timed
Synonyms : appropriate, favorable, suitable
Antonyms : disadvantageous, improper, inappropriate

3. Stalwart : noun, adjective (पक्का समर्थक, निष्टावान)
Meaning :  A loyal, reliable, and hard-working supporter of or participant in an organization or team
Synonyms : Staunch, Loyal, Faithful, Committed, Devoted, Dedicated, Dependable, Reliable, Steady, Constant, Trusty
Antonyms : Disloyal, Unfaithful, Unreliable

4. Exhort: verb (आग्रह करना)
Meaning : strongly encourage or urge (someone) to do something.
Synonyms : advise, encourage, prompt, inspire
Antonyms : deter, discourage, inhibit

5. Unheeded: adjective (अनदेखा)
Meaning : heard or noticed but disregarded.
Synonyms : Neglected, Ignored, Unconsidered
Antonyms : Noticed, Regarded, Focused, Considered

6. Predicament: noun (दुर्दशा)
Meaning : a difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation.
Synonyms : Difficulty, Dilemma, Quandary, crisis
Antonyms : Benefit, Advantage, Ease

7. Palatable : adjective (स्वीकार्य)
Meaning : acceptable or satisfactory, pleasant to taste
Synonyms : Delicious, Delightful, Pleasing, Grateful
Antonyms : Distasteful, Unpleasant, Tasteless

8. Incumbent : noun (पद धारी, पदस्थ व्यक्ति)
Meaning : Person who is holding an official post at a particular time.
Synonyms : Holder, Bearer, Occupant; Office-bearer, Officer, Functionary, Official, Current, Existing, Present, In office, In power, Reigning

9. Ramification : noun (जटिल परिणाम)
Meaning : The possible result of a decision or action
Synonyms : Consequence, Result, Aftermath, Outcome, Effect, Upshot, Issue, Sequel
Antonyms : Cause, Origin, Source, Antecedent, Inception

10. Edifice : noun (संस्थान, प्रभावशाली इमारत)
Meaning : A system that has been established for a long time/ an impressive building.
Synonyms : Development, Premises, Establishment, Building, Structure, Construction, Erection, Pile, Complex, Assembly