Important Vocabulary Notes for Competitive Examinations (Set-16)

Important Vocabulary for Bank Examinations

1. Denigrate:(verb) : बदनाम करना
Meaning : criticize unfairly; disparage.
Synonyms : belittle, malign, defame, disparage, impugn, slander, vilify, blister, decry, revile
Antonyms : approve, commend, compliment, flatter, praise, laud, boost, cherish

2. Outlaw: (verb ) : नियमविरोधी

Meaning : to make something illegal or unacceptable
Synonyms : ban, bar, condemn, disallow, exclude, forbid, proscribe, banish
Antonyms : admit, allow, approve, include, permit, legalize

3. Flout:(verb) : अनादर (नियम, कानून)

Meaning : openly disregard (a rule, law, or convention).
Synonyms : defy, disregard, mock, repudiate, scorn, spurn, affront, deride, gibe, gird
Antonyms : approve, commend, compliment, flatter, praise, please, honor, respect

4. Strident: (adjective) : श्रुतिकठोर

Meaning : (of a sound) loud and harsh; grating.
Synonyms : blatant, jarring, loud, raucous, vociferous, boisterous, clamorous, clashing, discordant
Antonyms : quiet, silent, soft, subdued, low, mild, moderate

5. Prescient : (adjective) : पूर्वज्ञान रखनेवाला

Meaning : having or showing knowledge of events before they take place.
Synonyms : farsighted, foresighted, judicious

6. Robust: (adjective) : मजबूत, ठोस

Meaning : strong and healthy; vigorous.
Synonyms : booming, hearty, hefty, potent, sturdy, vigorous, brawny, boisterous, husky
Antonyms : fragile, incapable, ineffective, lethargic, unstable, weak, wobbly, flabby

7. Vagary: (noun) : अनियमितता

plural noun : vagaries
Meaning : an unexpected and inexplicable change in a situation or in someone's behaviour.
Synonyms : quirk, whim, crotchet, fancy, humor, impulse, notion, whimsy

8. Rage: (noun) : क्रोध

Meaning : violent uncontrollable anger.
Synonyms : animosity, bitterness, frenzy, furor, fury, indignation, temper, agitation, obsession, acerbity
Antonyms : calm, happiness, indifference, love, peace, harmony

9. Subservient: (adjective) : अधीन, श्रद्धापूर्ण

Meaning : prepared to obey others unquestioningly.
Synonyms : submissive, inferior, deferential, abject, cowering, cringing, docile, acquiescent
Antonyms : disobedient, controlling, domineering, unhelpful, useless

10. Jingoistic : (adjective) : कट्टर देशभक्ति विषयक

Meaning : characterized by extreme patriotism, especially in the form of aggressive or warlike foreign policy.
Synonyms : loyal, nationalistic, chauvinistic, dedicated, dutiful, fervid, zealous
Antonyms : antisocial, misanthropic, traitorous