Important Vocabulary Notes for Competitive Examinations (Set-11)

Important Vocabulary for Bank Examinations

1. HAMMER HOME (idiom)=कुछ बेहद स्पष्ट करना
Meaning : To make something extremely clear; to make someone understand or realize something, especially through forceful repetition.

2. VULNERABLE (adjective)=वेदनीय

Meaning : exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed
Synonyms : endangered, unsafe, unprotected, unguarded, attackable, assailable, exposed, undefended, unshielded, unfortified, helpless, impuissant, resistless.
Antonyms : safeguarded, screened, secured, sheltered, shielded, warded, invulnerable, unexposed, unsusceptible.

3. BUTTRESS (verb)=समर्थन देना

Meaning : increase the strength of or justification for; reinforce.
Synonyms : strengthen, reinforce, fortify, support, prop up, bolster up, shore up, underpin, cement, brace, uphold, confirm, defend.
Antonyms : weaken, degrade, debase, belie, confute, demolish, topple, dismantle, confound.

4. OVERTONE (noun)=मकसद

Meaning : a subtle or subsidiary quality, implication, or connotation.
Synonyms : hint, suggestion, insinuation, intimation, feeling, aura, atmosphere, nuance, trace, murmur, meaning, significance.
Antonyms : inharmonious, insignificance.

5. VERACITY (noun)=सत्यवादिता

Meaning : conformity to facts; accuracy.
Synonyms : exactness, precision, realism, authenticity, faithfulness, fidelity; reliability, scrupulousness, ethics, morality, righteousness, virtuousness, probity.
Antonyms : guile, insidiousness, perfidy, slickness, slyness, treacherousness, unscrupulousness, prevarication, inaccuracy, deceitfulness, dishonesty, mendacity.

6. TOUT (verb)= स्तुति करना

Meaning : to declare enthusiastic approval of.
Synonyms : acclaim, accredit, applaud, cheer, crack up, hail, laud, praise, salute.
Antonyms : censure, reprehend, reprobate, admonish, chide, criticize, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, reprove, castigate, excoriate, lambaste, vilify.

7. FAULT LINE (noun)=दोष लाइन

Meaning : difference of opinion that is likely to have serious consequences.
Synonyms : fissure, rift, break, crack, fault, fracture, split.
Antonyms : stand still, stay.

8. SHAMBLES (noun)=खंडहर

Meaning : a state of total disorder.
Synonyms : chaos, confusion, disarray, dishevelment, disorder, havoc, jumble, mare's nest, mess, messiness, muddle, muss, tumble.
Antonyms : method, pattern, plan, system, order, orderliness.

9. MALAISE (noun)=अस्वस्थता

Meaning : a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or unease.
Synonyms : melancholy, depression, despondency, dejection, disquiet, anguish, angst, listlessness, languor, enervation, doldrums, debility, indisposition, infirmity, illness, ennui.
Antonyms : pleasure, rapture, prosperity, merriment, felicity, delight, ecstasy, bliss.

10. DENT (verb)=सेंध

Meaning : have an adverse effect on; diminish.
Synonyms : diminish, reduce, lessen, shrink, weaken, erode, undermine, crush, cripple, destroy, damage, impair.
Antonyms : increase, flush, bulge, boost, lump, hump, redress, ascent, rise.